Hear From Our Resident Members

At Uplands Village, our resident members may be diverse in background and life story, but they all share the same values and believe in our mission of being an inclusive and welcoming community.

Hear from some of our residents in their own words about life at Uplands Village.

The weather is much nicer [here than in] Florida, as is the terrain. We especially like the variety of neighborhoods and the fact that no one cares if you live in a large house or a small one. Much like a cruise ship, regardless of being in an inside cabin or a stateroom, you are all on the same deck.

Couple from Rockledge, Florida

I came to Uplands [Village] because the environment reminded me of my native state, Colorado. Hilly and downright mountainous. Green and lush. Cool and always breezy. Easy living. Wonderful, local people. Stimulating retirees, who are intellectual, progressive, caring, and just downright interesting

Barbara R.

We have treasured the attitude toward volunteerism and the legacy of Dr. May Wharton – it seems to be part of the understanding here of being a community. There is also a sense of the importance of continual learning and education, offering personal growth and development opportunities. We have also been very impressed with the staff and their dedication, particularly evident in the long-term care and memory care neighborhoods

Larry ard Char B.

We like having so many neighbors with similar values and interesting backgrounds. We are grateful to have Uplands [Village] staff and resources for health needs, equipment, space, and leaders for morning exercise, and many other services, such as transportation to a grocery store, hiking expeditions planned and led by a staff member, and to musical events in Cookeville.

Martha M.

I was drawn by the people, of course, who are interesting, educated, and kind. It greatly appeals to me that the people of Uplands [Village] have lived lives of significance and have histories of intellectual and compassionate work. I was also drawn to Uplands’ setting – it has, to me, a perfect climate and great natural beauty. When you drive into Pleasant Hill, where Uplands [Village] is located, you are driving into a town, not a facility. The fact that I own my own home is important to me.

Deborah H.

We knew the difference was in the people. The careers of so many had been overseas. We, too, had remarkable foreign experiences and connections. I have much enjoyed the environment of Uplands [Village] and the excitement, simplicity, devotion, creativity, [and] dedication of the concepts of Dr. May and her remarkable cohorts

Herbie N.

We are vegetarian, Quaker/Buddhists, and radical organic gardeners. We live a healthy, active lifestyle and plan to age and die in our own home, care partnering with our neighbors, friends, and family. We are reducing our carbon footprints and walking the walk to move ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet into a sustainable future.

Couple from Arkansas

Uplands [Village] is unique for many reasons – among them are the age range, professional and geographic diversity of the [residents], and the independent living option which allows us to control our own lives as long as physically possible.

Ann S.

We moved here because of the nature of the community – supportive, caring, and dedicated to continuing a life of service to others. We believe in simple living for ourselves, in order that all may simply live. The values of the community fit well with our values. We desired to be a part of this community [of neighbors] who would live out our retirement years with us and support the partner who survived the other. We love the rural setting, areas hiking trails, [and] being in a moderate climate of four seasons.

Rich and Holly N.

I came to Uplands [Village] from a deep need of spiritual and physical restoration. My husband of 64 years had passed away, leaving me in poor health and a home I was unable to maintain. I realized it was time to make a change. I asked God for direction. His answer was assisted living. After [researching other nearby communities], my daughter and I came to Fletcher House. I was impressed with the housing and staff. Afterward, we took a drive through Uplands [Village], observing its natural beauty, solitude, and quietness. My daughter stopped the car beside a lake. I sat there engulfed with peace. ‘Well, Mama, what do you think?’ ‘This is the place,’ I answered without hesitation.

Helen D.

“We have lived here for 23 years; I have not regretted one day.”

“This community is working heroically to be environmentally friendly.”

“One thing I really like to do is cook. There are always people here to invite to dinner.”

There’s so many things to do here. There’s no problem being busy.”

“I’m very grateful that we retired when we were young. We were active, healthy, and able to become fully involved in the community.

We like living in our one home, and when we need assisted living, we’ll move on to Fletcher [House].

“The sooner you get here, the better.”

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