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Age with Purpose and Choice: Long-Term Care at Uplands Village

If you have an aging parent or family member that is struggling to manage activities of daily living (ADLs) or is in declining health from a progressive illness, they may require more attention than can be given at home. Our 24-hour skilled nursing care at Uplands Village may be the answer.

Our life plan community offers long-term nursing care for more extensive health and personal care support than our assisted living care options. Wharton Homes offers long-term skilled nursing care in two energy-efficient homes in the center of the Uplands Village campus. Care is provided through individually tailored medical, dietary, and social care plans developed under the guidance of each resident’s personal physician and our medical director.

Our residents live with purpose as we help them manage chronic conditions in clean, comfortable, and caring senior housing environments. A dedicated medical team, daily nutritious meals, meaningful enrichment activities, and access to weekly nondenominational worship services contribute to the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of every skilled nursing resident.

Medicare-Certified Long-Term Care

Skilled nursing residents receive many benefits and opportunities in Wharton Homes, including:

  • 24/7 personalized nursing care
  • Individualized medical, dietary, and social care plans
  • Three daily nutritious meals, including made-to-order breakfasts, drinks, and healthy snacks
  • Wheelchair-friendly dining tables to share meals family-style
  • Spa rooms with whirlpool tubs for restorative therapy and relaxation
  • On-site physical, occupational, speech, and aquatic therapies
  • Restorative programs to help residents achieve their highest level of mobility
  • Enclosed gardens for tending to plants, relaxation, or visiting with family
  • Cable TV and in-room bath
  • Full community calendar of life enrichment activities and events
  • Assisted van service to weekly nondenominational worship services
  • 24-hour on-call ambulance service

Skilled Care in a Comfortable Home Environment

Wharton Homes has four unique neighborhood settings for long-term care. Each neighborhood houses 15-16 residents with their own dedicated care team, allowing for more intimate care and attention, opportunities for relationships, and a more home-like setting. 

Residents are encouraged to bring keepsakes from home and personalize their rooms to add a sense of comfort, familiarity, and well-being. Stepping through the doors of any one of our four homes feels like coming home. 

Each neighborhood house features an inviting living room with a stone hearth, comfortable seating, piano, large-screen TV, game tables, shelves filled with books, plants, and plenty of natural sunlight. Residents are even encouraged to bring their own favorite chair for the living room!

A Person-Centered Approach to Care

Our skilled nursing residents experience purposeful living that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. All caregivers at Wharton Homes receive extensive training in the Eden Alternative® philosophy of resident-directed care. Residents hold the power to make their own decisions and can contribute to the daily life of their home, including anything from folding napkins to watering plants or greeting visitors. This philosophy recognizes that we never outgrow our need to be needed. Explore The Eden Alternative®

Awaken the Senses at Wharton Homes

Picture your loved one enjoying the fresh mountain air, watching the birds at their feeders, and listening to water splashing in the fountains. Wharton Homes understands the importance of engaging and delighting all of the senses to enhance the lives of our residents.

Scents of Home

Maintaining a safe, clean environment is one of our top priorities, but the smell of disinfectants doesn’t permeate the air. The aroma of freshly baked cookies, homemade bread, or a fresh pot of coffee are the welcome scents that make our residents feel right at home.

Sounds of Music

Music is therapeutic and helps bring back happy memories. Our residents are treated to musical performances by talented Uplands Village residents and performers from the Cumberland County Playhouse, as well as invited to join in Sunday hymn-singing or holiday caroling around the piano. Frequent laughter — among caregivers, friends, family, and children visiting from the nearby Pleasant Hill Elementary School — is music to everyone’s ears.

Tastes for Every Palate

Our full-time registered dietician takes the time to learn about each resident’s food preferences and favorite meals. Because each home houses a smaller number of residents, we can cater to individual tastes when planning healthful meals and snacks.

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