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Cumberland County

To make a donation or learn more, please contact our administration office by calling (931) 219-2287.

Why Donate to Uplands Village?

Although our members and residents pay reasonable fees to cover the operation of Uplands Village, there are two additional reasons why funds are needed from outside contributions.

  1. Uplands Village provides financial assistance for those members and residents who cannot pay the fees that they would usually be charged for their care. Uplands has a policy where applications can be submitted for these funds based on need. Your donations to Uplands Village assist these individuals.
  2. As is the case with any organization, equipment needs to be replaced, and buildings need to be kept current. This, along with other capital projects, is the second reason that Uplands Village seeks donations. These funds provide the money to complete these special needs and, in the future, may even be directed to new buildings as we did for the New Wharton Homes.

Finally, as is the case with any non-profit organization, endowments are necessary to ensure the financial stability of the organization. Any additional funds raised by Uplands are directed to these endowments for future use as needed.

Donations Can be Made in Several Ways

General Donations

Throughout the year, Uplands Village receives general donations that provide for the cost of care for those residents who can no longer afford their care. In addition, these contributions provide for the capital needs of our community, including replacement of equipment and other long-term needs.

Planned Giving

Individuals sometimes want to leave a legacy to assist Uplands Village and its residents. These gifts can be accomplished in two ways. First is the use of a gift annuity which provides income to the individual until their death, with the balance going to Uplands Village. This annuity can have very favorable tax advantages as well as favorable rates of return. The second method is to include Uplands Village in your will to receive a specific gift after your passing.

Memorial Gifts

Each year, Uplands Village receives donations given by families in memory of family or friends. This is a special way to remember these loved ones. For information regarding memorial contributions, please contact the Uplands Development Office.

Special Gifts

Often families or friends of Uplands Village want to provide a special gift for a particular reason. For example, one family donated a dogwood tree because their family member, a resident of our community, loved to see the dogwoods bloom each spring. The Uplands Development Office can arrange meaningful gifts like these.

To make a donation or learn more, please contact our administration office by calling (931) 219-2287.