Take an Exercise Class or Receive Therapy in Our Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Therapy Center at Uplands Village houses a large pool for swimmers and a much warmer, shallower therapy pool for conducting aquatic exercise classes and rehabilitative therapies. In addition to a hot tub, the center has several dressing rooms, including one designated for couples or caregivers to help those who may need additional assistance.

Aquatic therapy in our indoor pool and spa provides rehabilitative benefits, as well. A wheelchair ramp makes the therapy pool accessible to many guests. Being submerged in the water significantly reduces weight-bearing stress, allowing those with mobility challenges to move more easily in the water. Aquatic therapy helps to enhance flexibility and range of motion. It’s not uncommon to notice the significant benefits of aquatic therapy when a guest exits the pool. They often are more relaxed, limber and mobile.

Our Aquatic Center features:

  • An indoor therapy pool with a wheelchair accessible ramp
  • Aquatic exercise classes and rehabilitative therapies
  • A 20’ x 60’ pool for lap swimmers
  • An 8-person hot tub
  • Dressing rooms, including several for couples and caregivers
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The Wellness Center at U[lands Village provides skilled nursing care and additional rehabilitative therapies.

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