Retire Your Way: Perks of Owning Your Home at Uplands Village

While young adults are typically encouraged to work toward homeownership, older adults often face a difficult choice between renting and buying, especially after retirement. There are pros and cons to renting and buying, depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and financial situation. 

More and more retirees are opting for the all-inclusive retirement lifestyle that independent living and 55+ communities offer. While it varies, most of these communities are set up so that individuals typically rent an apartment or townhouse-style home. 

Uplands Village is not like most communities, though. We are a progressive life plan community offering a unique and desirable lifestyle in Cumberland County, Tennessee. Here, independent living residents have the option to own their own homes while still receiving the benefits of community living. Read more to discover the advantages of homeownership at Uplands Village! 

Go Ahead, Paint The Walls 

One of the main reasons individuals prefer to own their house is to customize and modify their space as they choose. They can paint the walls, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom, or finally start that garden in the backyard. This can be tempting for older adults who are retired but are healthy, active, and looking for a project or hobby. For these individuals, owning and renovating a house can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

Each of the homes we offer at Uplands Village is perfectly unique, and there is no sense of being boxed-in to a cookie-cutter lifestyle. This way of living—in your own, unique, personalized home, with a driveway, a backyard, and a mailbox—can instill a broader sense of independence than living in a standard senior apartment might. 

Best of Both Worlds: You Own, We Repair

While upgrades and renovations can be motivating and exciting, unexpected repairs and routine maintenance can be the opposite. This is often the case against retirees owning a home—that they might be burdened with the responsibilities of maintenance and repairs. At Uplands Village, we make sure none of our homeowners feel this way. For a small monthly fee, we cover lawn care and some home maintenance.

Of course, we also know that owning a home isn’t for everyone. That’s why we also offer a rental program that offers month-to-month leases for an inclusive rate that covers home maintenance and repairs.


Enjoy Tax Benefits and Equity 

Financial implications are one of the most important things to consider when deciding whether to rent to buy, and both options have economic benefits. Not only are the homes at Uplands Village affordable, but Tennessee is known for its low property taxes and retiree-friendly tax structure. So, owning a home at Uplands Village is a good solution for those looking for tax benefits and the potential to build equity. 

Access to All Amenities and Community Life

After retirement, many adults are faced with a choice: continue to live in their single-family home and be a part of their local community, or move to a 55+ community, where they may live in a senior apartment and enjoy the all-inclusive lifestyle that these communities boast. 

At Uplands Village, you don’t have to choose! Independent living residents who own their own homes here can live as independent or connected as they choose. All of our homes stand on their own in a neighborhood-type setting, but each is less than five minutes from all that our main retirement village has to offer

Residents can spend the day at home with family and friends or head into the main village for a round of tennis, a dip in the pool, or a day of volunteering at our assisted living and long-term care homes. After a long day of activity, they can go back to their own homes for a cozy night in. 

Beyond The Village  

Uplands Village is located in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, near Crossville and Cookeville. Many people are drawn to our 55+ community in Cumberland County for its breathtaking views and desirable weather. In addition to everything our community offers, the local area surrounding Uplands Village is full of activities for nature lovers, history buffs, foodies, and lovers of the arts! 

Find Your Forever Home 

The opportunity to own your own home after retirement may seem intimidating, but Uplands Village makes it possible and easy. Our retirement living village truly offers the ideal balance of independence and community. To learn more about independent living and owning a home at Uplands Village, contact our team today!

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