Pay-it-Forward Ideas for This Holiday Season

The holiday season means spending time with the people you love most, engaging in your favorite seasonal traditions, and making wonderful memories. This is also the time of year when most people buy meaningful gifts for family and friends.

You’ve probably heard it said before that it’s better to give than to receive, which is one of the true meanings of this special time of the year. If you’ve ever seen a family member’s face light up after receiving a gift, you understand that this saying couldn’t be more accurate. However, paying it forward goes much deeper than just exchanging gifts with family and friends, especially during the holidays.

At Uplands Village, residents in our life plan community are encouraged to get involved and make a difference, both within our community and throughout the surrounding areas. If you’re searching for unique pay-it-forward ideas this holiday season, our team is sharing some to help you get started.

Send Holiday Cards to Those in Need

There’s nothing quite like receiving a holiday card in the mail. The feeling of opening a festive greeting and reading a meaningful message is unlike any other form of communication, especially since we live in an age of text messages and e-mails. 

Holiday cards are a fantastic way to send a heartfelt message or an expression of good cheer to loved ones during the holidays. If you’re already planning on sending a holiday card to a list of close friends or relatives, why not expand that list to include those who need holiday joy?

Reach out to local hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations to find out how you can send meaningful messages this season. All that’s left for you to do is grab a pen, find a festive greeting card, and start writing!

Volunteer in Your Community

It’s common to donate money during the holiday season to organizations or causes that are near and dear to our hearts, whether it’s helping people experiencing homelessness or spreading awareness about a specific disease. However, volunteering in your community is a more meaningful way to spread goodwill and cheer. 

For example, offering your time and energy to a children’s hospital or a homeless shelter is rewarding and can provide a deep sense of purpose. Many people in need experience loneliness during the holidays. By volunteering, you can make a significant difference simply by offering a friendly face.

Donate Holiday Gifts for Children

Having presents stacked under the tree is a common tradition for many families, yet there are some families who are not fortunate enough to provide the gifts and toys on their children’s wish lists.

If you and your family are preparing to purchase new toys for children or grandchildren, why see if any of their old toys can be repurposed? As children grow, their interests and skills change, meaning many old toys are forgotten. Additionally, if you have adult children, they might still be hanging on to some of their more memorable and meaningful childhood toys.

Rather than leave these toys untouched and unused in an attic or be sent to a landfill, consider donating them to children in need. So many children would love to give your old toys a new home this holiday season! 

First, ensure toys are still in good condition and aren’t dirty or broken. Contact your local charities and toy drives to find out how you can pay it forward to the kids in your community.

Donate to a Senior Living Community

Senior living communities are more than just places to live; they’re environments that truly make a difference in the quality of life of older adults. These communities enhance social interaction and connection, provide opportunities to explore new hobbies and passions, and ensure that each day is full of enrichment and engagement. 

At Uplands Village, our life plan community receives funding from members and residents alike, ensuring the operations in our community. However, donations can ensure that residents and members who are unable to pay fees can still receive the care and support they need. Additionally, these donations also provide funding for special projects, like replacing equipment and building upgrades.

To learn more about our life plan community in Tennessee and how to you can make a difference, visit our website or contact a member of the Uplands Village team.