4 Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living Options

Independence is important to all of us, so it can be difficult to ask for and accept help – even if we need it. Many think accepting care means giving up independence, but knowing it’s time to seek support can help you maintain your independence and enhance your well-being.

The right time to consider assisted living options is different for everyone. This makes it all the more important to be aware of the signs that this lifestyle change could benefit you.

Uplands Village is a life plan community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, offering three levels of assisted living care. Every day, we see the value our services add to residents and lives. Below, we are sharing four signs that it may be time to consider assisted living options.

Sign 1: You Have Worsening Health Conditions

The National Council on Aging states, “approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two.” Even if you fall into the 20% of those that do not have a chronic disease, your risk of developing one increases significantly as you age. 

As a chronic condition worsens, it may become more challenging to care for yourself as well as maintain your home and take care of other responsibilities in your life. Therefore, it is important to be honest with yourself and recognize that you may benefit from additional support and care to maintain your health and safety.

Sign 2: You’re Becoming More Isolated or Feel Lonely

Humans are social creatures, and regularly connecting with others provides various health benefits, including reduced stress, enhanced cognitive functioning, and encouraged physical activity. However, factors such as changes to mobility or a lack of reliable transportation could inhibit aging adults from maintaining a healthy social life.

Individuals who live alone are at higher risk of becoming socially isolated and experiencing feelings of loneliness, potentially leading to adverse health effects. If you experience feelings of loneliness or wish you had more opportunities for socialization, this could be a sign that you should consider assisted living options.

Assisted living communities offer activities and social events allow individuals to connect with one another and form meaningful connections in a convenient way.

Sign 3: Your Daily Routine Has Become Challenging

We all have “lazy days,” days when we don’t take a shower or choose to stay in our pajamas. However, there is a difference between not doing these things because you didn’t feel like it versus not doing them because they are too difficult for you. 

If you find yourself cutting corners when it comes to your personal hygiene or neglecting these needs because these tasks are becoming too difficult for you, this is a significant sign that you should consider your assisted living options, as these activities are vital for living a safe and healthy lifestyle. 

By moving to a community like Uplands Village, you can receive personalized care and support that is catered to your needs and helps you maintain and enhance your independence.

Sign 4: You’re Not Maintaining Health & Wellness

Choosing convenience over nutrition is common these days. With so many fast-food options and frozen meals available, cooking a healthy, balanced meal seems like too much effort for many of us. However, what we choose to fuel our bodies with directly impacts how we feel and our overall health and wellness.

Opting for convenience over proper nutrition could signify that you should consider assisted living options. Within these communities, you get the best of both worlds. Nutritious and delicious meals are prepared for you, so you no longer have to worry about shopping, cooking, or doing the dishes! 

In addition, as we get older, we may experience mobility changes or conditions that make staying active a chore. Fortunately, assisted living communities offer wellness programs and classes focusing on a person’s abilities, allowing them to maintain a safe and active lifestyle.

It’s a significant decision to move to an assisted living community, but it could be the best choice you make for improving your quality of life and enhancing your independence. At Uplands Village, we offer three levels of assisted living care designed to provide personalized support and meet the needs of each individual in our community.

We invite you to give us a call at (931) 228-5814 or visit our website or contact a member of our team to learn more about our life plan community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee.