Why Retirees Love Living in 55 and Older Communities

As we get older, evaluating our living arrangements and what we will need and want throughout our retirement years is common. One option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is 55 and older communities.

Designed for those looking for an active and purposeful lifestyle, a retirement living community offers many benefits that can enhance a retiree’s quality of life. As a 55+ community in Tennessee, our Uplands Village team sees our community’s impact on those we serve every day, so we’re sharing why retirees like you love living here!

Active Lifestyle

55 and older communities, like Uplands Village, are designed to promote an active lifestyle. They often have amenities that encourage residents to stay active and socialize with their neighbors. Living in a community with those in the same stage of life can also provide motivation to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

For instance, our 500-acre retirement living community offers countless amenities and features, such as kayaking and canoeing opportunities, a woodworking shop, community gardens and parks, pickleball courts, and so much more to keep residents engaged.

Sense of Community

Living in a 55+ community can also provide a strong sense of community. Since all residents are of similar ages and have common interests, it can be easier to make friends and socialize. This sense of community can be especially beneficial for those who are retired and may be looking for ways to stay engaged and connected.

At Uplands Village, we are more than a neighborhood. We cultivate an inclusive culture that has a place and purpose for everyone. As a result, people from all walks of life come to our retirement living community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, to find joy, embrace positivity, and benefit from an overall sense of community.

Low-Maintenance Living

Many 55 and older communities offer low-maintenance living options. Instead of spending most of the day cleaning your home and mowing the lawn, you are free to pursue your interests, socialize with friends, or simply relax!

At Uplands Village, we offer independent living residents the option to own or rent their retirement home. Either way, you become immersed in our inclusive culture and reap all the benefits of community living! 

Social Activities

A commonly overlooked part of health and wellness is an active social life. Maintaining strong relationships and connecting with others can provide numerous benefits, including reduced stress, enhanced cognitive function, and even boosted self-esteem.

At Uplands Village, as well as many other 55 and older communities, we have a calendar full of social activities available for residents. These activities can range from game nights and book clubs to exercise classes and other community events. Access to social activities can be especially beneficial for those experiencing feelings of loneliness or social isolation.

Healthcare Services

While you may move into a retirement living community without needing much assistance, many of these communities offer additional care options should your needs change.

For example, Uplands Village is a life plan community offering a full range of senior living options that allow residents to transition from independent living to higher levels of care without needing to move to a different community. 

Easier Navigation

As we age, home safety is always something to keep in mind. However, 55 and older communities are designed with the needs of older adults as a top priority. For example, there may be fewer stairs, brighter lighting, and non-slip flooring. These features can make it easier and safer for residents to navigate their homes.

Living in a retirement living community intended for aging adults can offer many benefits to enhance your quality of life. From an active lifestyle and connection to a strong sense of community and the opportunity for continued care, there are so many reasons why retirees are choosing to call these communities home.

If you are considering making the move to retirement living, it is important to do your research to find a community that meets your needs and interests, and we can help you on your journey! We invite you to call Uplands Village at (931) 228-5814 or visit our website to learn more.