5 Tips for Maintaining Independence

Maintaining independence allows us to live on our own terms, make decisions that align with our values, and continue pursuing our passions. While aging may bring certain challenges, there are still numerous ways to take control and preserve our independence. 

Uplands Village is a life plan community in Cumberland County, Tennessee, that offers lifestyle options for everyone to continue living purposefully and independently. Our team is exploring various areas that you can focus on to maintain your independence and live a fulfilling life. 

1. Social Engagement

Maintaining an active social life is key to feeling connected and engaged. Humans are social creatures by nature, meaning we rely on meaningful relationships to thrive. When we lack those connections, it can lead to social isolation and negative mental health issues.

In fact, social isolation is one of the worst epidemics that seniors face; nearly one-fourth of adults over the age of 65 are considered to be socially isolated due to factors that are more likely to affect their age group, like living alone or the loss of family and friends. 

One way to improve your social life is to join clubs or organizations that align with your interests. Doing so provides opportunities to meet new people with similar hobbies or passions. Additionally, exploring volunteer opportunities in your community can benefit others and help you form connections with individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact. 

Making a conscious effort to regularly connect with friends and family is also important for maintaining a healthy social life. This can be done through in-person meetups, phone calls, or video chats, depending on what works best for everyone involved.

2. Balance and Home Safety

There are so many natural aspects of aging that are hard to prevent, and many of these can lead to accidents or injuries. For example, the loss of vision over time can make it difficult to see, and the loss of balance can make it hard to move about freely.

One of the most common accidents experienced by seniors is falling. In fact, it’s estimated that one in every four adults over the age of 65 will have some sort of fall. Thankfully, there are many simple steps that you can take to avoid a fall by making minor changes to your living space.

For example, ensure that your home’s common areas are free of clutter and well-lit, creating an easy-to-navigate path. Make sure that any rugs are secured by non-slip pads, and keep extra light bulbs in storage to avoid losing any lighting. Installing handrails in your shower or next to the toilet can also help you with mobility and prevent falls.

3. Continued Learning

Keeping your mind active also helps you maintain your independence. Try to find local clubs in your area, whether it’s a book club or even a continued education course where you can learn a new skill or expand your current knowledge. This is also an excellent way to meet new, like-minded people who share your interests. 

By continuously learning new skills and engaging in mentally stimulating activities, we can stay sharp and curious and keep our minds open to new possibilities and opportunities.

4. Physical Activity

You’re never “too old” to get active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While active living doesn’t have to be centered solely on physical activity, the benefits of exercise can be completely life-changing for older adults. 

One of the best ways for seniors to reap the benefits of physical activity is by participating in low-impact exercises like yoga, pilates, and tai chi. These exercises focus on enhancing strength and balance, which directly correlate to helping you maintain your independence.

5. Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities like Uplands Village enable you to live independently within a community environment. Because support is always available, you can lead a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle with the peace of mind knowing that assistance is there if you need it. From convenient amenities and supportive services to endless socialization opportunities, you can live life to the fullest.

Your independence is in your hands, and with each decision to prioritize it, you’re ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling future. To learn more about what we offer at our life plan community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, visit our website or contact a member of the Uplands Village team.