Why People Love Retiring in Cumberland County, Tennessee

Imagine waking up on a peaceful summer morning and stepping out onto your back patio overlooking the picturesque lakefront to enjoy your tea. After that, you have the entire day to relax, explore, or play: do you go for a game of golf in the Golf Capital of Tennessee? Do you take a walk in Cumberland Mountain State Park? Or do you stay closer to home and attend a yoga class with a neighbor? Whatever you decide to do, it’s all right here at Uplands Village

From campus amenities to a convenient location, our senior living community in Cumberland County, Tennessee, offers an ideal retirement lifestyle for adults from all walks of life. 

Discover why so many people choose to retire in Cumberland County here! 

About Cumberland County 

Nestled in the heart of The Volunteer State, Cumberland County offers an ideal combination of natural spaces and parks, arts and culture, and fascinating history. It is located just a short drive from Tennessee’s prominent cities, including Knoxville, Nashville, and Gatlinburg; plus, it is only a short drive to Atlanta. 

Cumberland County includes Crossville, Pleasant Hill, Crab Orchard, and Fairfield Glade—each one radiating with small-town charm and natural beauty. Here, there are truly four seasons: mild winters, gentle summers, and breathtaking springs and falls.  

Around The Area 

Retiring in Cumberland County allows for endless opportunities to enjoy and experience. When living at Uplands Village retirement community, you’ll have all the classic charm of a senior living neighborhood, with the additional amenities and conveniences of a larger city. On any given day at Uplands Village, residents won’t have to go far to find exciting activities and attractions, including: 

  • Miles of trails, expansive parks, and stunning lakes and ponds: Not only is our community just 20 minutes from Cumberland Mountain State Park, but we also have two lakes and a trail system on our own campus! 
  • Renowned championship golf courses: The Cumberland County and Crossville areas are known as “The Golf Capital of Tennessee,” offering scenic and peaceful courses to golfers of all levels. 
  • Intimate, award-winning theater: The Cumberland County Playhouse is a unique and family-owned theater experience, offering diverse programming and shows for the local community. 
  • Charming and relaxing wineries: Both Stonehaus and Chestnut Hill Wineries are located in the area, offering tastings, scenic views, and gourmet gifts. 
  • Fascinating historical sites and museums: The area of Cumberland County, including Uplands Village itself, has a rich heritage that you can immerse yourself in at the Homesteads Tower Museum, the Military Memorial Museum, and our very own Pioneer Hall Museum. 
  • Access to state-of-the-art healthcare: Uplands Village is just a short drive from both Cumberland Medical Center and the Cookeville VA Clinic.
  • Libraries, cafes, antique stores, shopping centers, restaurants, churches, and more!  

Life at Uplands Village 

It’s more than just retiring in Cumberland County; it’s about finding a senior living community that perfectly compliments the surrounding areas. At Uplands Village, we are deeply rooted in the community and have been serving Cumberland County for 100 years! We take pride in being so profoundly intertwined with such a unique area. 

Not only are Uplands Village residents near all the attractions of the greater Cumberland County area, but they also have full access to the amenities and activities inside our community! From kayaking and tennis to pottery, quilting, and volunteering—there are endless opportunities right here in our neighborhood. 

Living With Purpose 

In addition to offering programs and activities, Uplands Village is dedicated to providing a welcoming and devoted home to people of all backgrounds. Our senior living community in Cumberland County celebrates unity, justice, compassion, and fulfillment and welcomes individuals regardless of their life story. 

As a Life Plan Community, we can accept individuals with a full spectrum of needs—from those who are active and independent to those who require round-the-clock care. Here, there is a place and a purpose for everybody. 

Senior Living in Cumberland County

Retirement in Cumberland County entails a life of outdoor adventure, small-town charm, and excitement around every corner. At Uplands Village, our progressive senior living neighborhood creates a unique environment that seamlessly combines excitement and relaxation, creating the ideal atmosphere for every unique individual. 

To discover more about retirement in Cumberland County, Tennessee, or what life is like at Uplands Village, we encourage you to schedule a tour of our breathtaking campus!