What Does Daily Life Look Like at Uplands Village?

The lifestyle we cultivate at Uplands Village is all about personal choice and living with purpose. Our senior living community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, is more than just a place to retire; it is a culture-rich and progressive life plan community with a place and purpose for everyone.

We provide various opportunities for residents to get involved not only on our Uplands Village campus but also in the surrounding area. From volunteer opportunities to engaging activities and wellness programs, residents at Uplands Village can find joy every day, embrace positivity, and contribute to the greater good and well-being of others.

To help paint the picture of what life is like in our retirement living community, we are sharing some of the ways that residents get involved in the community and spend their days at Uplands Village.

Spend Your Days Volunteering

Volunteering is good for everyone, but giving back can be particularly beneficial for retirees. The National Institute on Aging states, “people who engage in personally meaningful activities, such as volunteering or hobbies, say they feel happier and healthier.”

At Uplands Village, volunteering is a big part of many of our residents’ everyday lives inside our retirement living community and in the surrounding areas. For example, one of our independent living residents, Jim S., shared that he and his wife volunteer in the wellness center to help the skilled nursing team members pass out lunch trays twice a week. Jim shared, “I enjoy the brief interaction with patients in the recovery and rehabilitation mode.”

Uplands Village makes it easy for residents to get involved and help us improve our community and campus. Jim is also a member of the Heritage Investment and Rehabilitation Group (HIRG). He describes HIRG as “an incorporated entity formed by residents of Upland Village for the purpose of preserving properties within Upland Village for future independent living (IL) residents of Uplands Village.”

Another one of our independent living residents, Jan R., shared, 

“Many here have led lives in a wide array of helping professions, and that spirit of service continues in large and small ways of one’s own choosing. For example, as a member of the Pleasant Hill Community Church, UCC, I serve on the library team, the Action Team of the Grab thrift store (a mission), and a Communications Team. 

As an Uplands member, I serve as a neighborhood representative and as Secretary for the Assembly Council. I am also Secretary for the Wharton Association, a nonprofit that raises funds through Trash & Treasure and book sales to fund scholarships and address community needs. I also volunteer to prepare for those sales, which is a great way to get to know a wide array of Uplanders. My newest activity is a Docent in our Pioneer Hall Museum, which tells the remarkable history of this area.”

Taking Advantage of Community Activities

Staying active and engaged is a big part of leading a purposeful, fulfilling lifestyle. That is why we offer so many opportunities, community activities, and events for residents to participate in, no matter their interests. From fishing, kayaking, and canoeing to woodworking, pottery, and crafts, our 500-acre campus has something for everyone.

Jan added that the social life in our community “is as full as one wishes it to be.” She shared that she enjoys hiking to surrounding parks, natural areas, and waterfalls, taking courses either in person or via Zoom through the Lifelong Learning Center, participating in a monthly book club, Armchair theater (where we read plays aloud twice each month), water aerobics in the Aquatic Center, and attending a wine and cheese gathering.

We Are a Family

Jan continued by sharing, “Not until moving to Uplands have I ever lived in a neighborhood where we all know one another and truly look out and care for one another, as well as having fun together in periodic neighborhood gatherings.”

It is easy to say that we care about one another and treat each other like family, but our residents prove it in their daily lives. From their volunteer efforts to simply spending quality time with friends, our life plan community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, is a special place.

Uplands Village is more than a place to retire; it is a place to lead a purposeful, fulfilling lifestyle. No matter your interests or how active you choose to be in the community, you have a place here and are welcomed with open arms.

To learn more about Uplands Village and what we have to offer residents, visit our website or contact a member of our team.