Why Choose an Eden Alternative® Community?

There are many things to consider when searching for the right senior living community for yourself or someone you love. You need to find a place that offers the right care, amenities that suit your desired lifestyle, and activities or events that cater to your interests. This is a lot to think about already, but there is something else that is worth considering and adding to your list of qualities you want in a community: The Eden Alternative®.

Located in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, Uplands Village is an Eden Alternative® senior care community. Our team believes implementing these philosophies has helped us better care for and serve our residents. We are sharing more about this approach to senior living and the benefits of choosing a care community that holds these values.

What is The Eden Alternative®?

The Eden Alternative® is “a global, 501c3 non-profit organization that impacts hundreds of thousands of people across 23 countries and transforms caring relationships throughout all care settings and services.”

Getting older is often viewed as a negative process and something that should be avoided or delayed, but the Eden Alternative® philosophy is reimagining the experience of aging. The Eden Alternative® is an approach to senior living care that helps to enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve in our community.

The Benefits of an Eden Alternative® Community

Person-Centered Care

Many senior living communities claim to provide person-centered care, but what differentiates an Eden Alternative® community, like Uplands Village, from the rest is that this care is focused on the “whole person.”

The care provided in an Eden Alternative® community is not just about medical care; it is about providing care that enhances a person’s overall health and wellness – mind, body, and spirit.

Visit their website to learn more about the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative®.

Maintaining Your Identity

It is a common fear to feel like “just another resident” before moving into a senior living community. However, the Eden Alternative® approach to care ensures this does not happen. 

When you move into an Eden Alternative® community, you maintain your individuality, personhood, and history and are well-known throughout the community.

Continuous Growth

One of the Eden Alternative® Domains of Well-Being® is growth. No matter our age, life is about development, enrichment, expanding, and evolving. By choosing a care community that values this philosophy, you can continue to grow well into your retirement years.

Uplands Village offers several programs and amenities that inspire growth, including our Lifelong Learning Institute. Visit our website to learn more about our community activities and events.

Preserving Autonomy

Your life is still yours to live, so why would you choose a senior living community that does not give you the freedoms and choices you deserve? By choosing an Eden Alternative® community, you have the liberty and self-determination over the care you receive and what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Encouraging Connection

Engaging and connecting with others is crucial to our overall health and wellness. An Eden Alternative® community can provide you with convenient opportunities to socialize and interact with friends and peers.

Whether simply enjoying a meal with a friend or joining in on a group exercise class offered within the community, the opportunities to feel connected to your environment are endless.

Sense of Security

We all want to feel safe and respected, and the Eden Alternative® approach to care helps provide this sense of security and freedom from doubt, anxiety, and fear. Because a resident receives person-centered care customized to their needs, they have peace of mind in knowing someone will always be there to provide support.

Additionally, Uplands Village provides another level of security and peace of mind. If your care needs ever change, our life plan community in Pleasant Hill offers a level of care that is right for you.

A senior living community is not something that should be viewed as just a place for individuals to age and receive care. At Uplands Village, our Eden Alternative® community is home for residents. We treat each person as the individual they are and welcome them into our community. 

To learn more about our commitment to practicing person-centered care and how we implement the ten principles of the Eden Alternative® philosophy, visit our website or contact a member of our team.