Weighing Your Options: Is It Time for Assisted Living?

It can be challenging for some to accept that, as we age, our needs and abilities can change, but every person is different. While one individual may benefit from constant assistance throughout the day, another may just want peace of mind knowing that support is available, even if they don’t need it regularly. 

For this reason, knowing the “right time” for assisted living is different for every person and family. Uplands Village offers a full spectrum of senior living services in Cumberland County, Tennessee, including assisted living. We want to help you navigate your options and learn more about specific things you should look for in a community.

Knowing It’s Time for Assisted Living  

Many tend to put off the senior living decision for as long as possible; ultimately, waiting for an emergency or health crisis to persuade them to finally make the move. However, some signs could indicate that a person may need additional support (even if they seem to be faring fine on their own). 

Here are some questions to ask when analyzing your or your family member’s lifestyle: 

  • Is there fresh, healthy food in the refrigerator? 
  • Are healthy meals being prepared and consumed regularly?
  • Can you/they safely cook at home and remember to turn off the stove?
  • Do you/they wear clean clothes daily, or have you/they been wearing the same clothing for days at a time?
  • Is your/their house clean and maintained, or are there broken appliances and things that need repairing?
  • Is medication being taken properly and as prescribed?
  • Can you/they move around the house and up the stairs independently? 
  • Do you/they still drive safely? 
  • Are bills being paid on time?
  • Do you/they have a solid social circle? 

If you answered no to many of these questions, it could be time to consider assisted living. Talk with your family about why you think this is the best decision and how an assisted living community could improve quality of life. 

What to Look for in a Community 

After you’ve decided that assisted living is your best option, you’ll now have to find the right community for your family. Unfortunately, if you’ve never had to pay much attention to assisted living communities, this step can be overwhelming. 

With all the different features and services available, you may find yourself wondering which ones genuinely matter and should be prioritized in your search. We’re taking a look at some of the most valuable things to look for when choosing an assisted living community. 

Care Services 

The foundation of most senior living communities is their support and assistance services. Whether they specialize in one level of care, like an exclusive memory care community, or offer a full spectrum of care services, like Uplands Village, you’ll want to ensure that their care is professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and thorough. 

Ask the community what kind of training the care partners go through, what kind of emergency systems are in place, if there are licensed medical professionals on-site, and if care is available 24/7. 

Engagement Opportunities 

In addition to care, you want to look for an assisted living community that offers daily engaging opportunities for residents and guests. Ask for a sample activity calendar and check that there are programs that focus on all areas of wellness—including physical, mental, social, and spiritual. If you are touring in person, ask to see their fitness area or wellness center.

A Community of Peers

When choosing an assisted living community, you are ultimately choosing a new home for yourself or your family member. Because of this, it’s vital to choose somewhere where a person will fit in, feel welcome, and can easily make themselves at home. When touring a community, you can observe what the current residents are like and how they interact with each other and with the staff. If permitted, you can ask to speak to a current resident and ask them what life is like in the community. 

Lifestyle Transition Opportunities

You or your loved one may be generally active and healthy now, but more care and attention may be needed as time goes on. It can be valuable to look for a community that offers a continuum of living options to ensure that their residents can age comfortably and in place, even if their needs change. 

Uplands Village is a life plan community that offers a full continuum of care options, so resident members have a home for a lifetime. We are dedicated to making our residents feel welcome, engaged, connected, and purposeful, regardless of their needs or abilities. Here, each day is unique, intentional, and gratifying. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Uplands Village and our assisted living services in Cumberland County, Tennessee, we invite you to contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!