Uplands Village Shares the Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Located in the rolling hills of the Southern Appalachians, Uplands Village is a progressive Life Plan Community. Also referred to as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Life Plan Communities offer a unique experience for those who wish to age comfortably and in place, having access to a full spectrum of care and services to meet their changing needs. 

Uplands Village is an open and accepting Life Plan Community that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, health circumstances, and walks of life. We help residents live with purpose and intention, regardless of their situation. 

We’re sharing some of the benefits of living in a Life Plan Community and how Uplands Village could be right for you. 

Care for a Lifetime 

Likely the most notable benefit, Uplands Village offers a full spectrum of senior care services, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, long-term care, and short-term rehabilitation. Residents can progress through these care and lifestyle options as their needs change—all without leaving the community.

Life Plan Communities allow individuals to age comfortably in place while offering them support and assistance wherever they are. At Uplands Village, many of our residents begin in independent living, owning their own home with 24/7 home health services available. Should they require more assistance, they can easily transition to our assisted living apartments at Fletcher House or our long-term care option at Wharton Home. 

Whatever care option they choose or require, they will remain in the community they’ve grown to love and call home. 

Relationships for a Lifetime 

Uplands Village is more than a senior living community; we are a neighborhood and a community of peers and friends who make the world a better place to live. We are a Life Plan Community that encourages an active and vibrant community life for all residents. 

Residents can make friends with their neighbors, join or create community groups, and even volunteer in our very own healthcare neighborhoods. Our unique Life Plan Community creates a diverse and inspiring neighborhood of individuals who have chosen a purpose-driven retirement. You’ll never have to worry about friends and neighbors moving away to receive additional care; it’s all right here. 

Community for a Lifetime 

Uplands Village creates a unique, all-inclusive lifestyle for our residents. Our 500-acre campus offers everything you could want or need in a Life Plan Community to make your retirement convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable. Some of our unique amenities and features include: 

  • Guest Apartments 
  • Community Parks & Gardens 
  • Churches
  • Post Office 
  • Dog Park 
  • Pottery House 
  • Tennis Court 
  • Wellness & Aquatic Center 
  • Hiking Trails 
  • Woodworking Shop 
  • Cafe & Coffee Shop 
  • On-Campus Doctor’s Office 

These offerings and services ensure that our residents have what they need and want while living at Uplands Village. They can create unique days and experiences in art, nature, wellness, and relationships—all right here in the community. 

We also offer short-term rehabilitation services for those recovering from an injury or hospitalization. With these services, both residents and non-residents can get the care and therapy they need to regain confidence and return home faster (even if home is just across the campus). 

Home for a Lifetime 

Life Plan Communities provide an ideal solution for active and progressive adults looking for a community where they can age in place, receive compassionate care when needed, and create a home. Moving out of your house and into a senior living community can be challenging for many people to cope with, but moving into a Life Plan Community can ease the transition by delivering comfort, community, and consistency. 

Uplands Village is located in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, on the Cumberland Plateau. Our Life Plan Community offers a progressive lifestyle with the right mix of relaxing simplicity and exciting engagement. Our full spectrum of care and lifestyle options ensure that residents will have a home for a lifetime when at Uplands Village.

For more information on our Life Plan Community in Tennessee, we invite you to contact our team.